Saturday, January 8, 2011

Benzene Series

The Benzene series is made up of 5 songs created by Owata-P. The first 2 songs, "Benzene" (C6H6) and "Nitrobenzene" (C6H5NO2) has no meaning whatsoever. Things get more serious in the third song "Paradichlorobenzene" (C6H4C12) which has a lot of hidden meanings to uncover. The fourth song "Anchlorobenzene" sung by Rin is the reply to "Paradichlorobenzene" The fifth song "Toluene" is a riddle and is a complete mystery.

All of the songs have one thing in common, that is every song will repeat "“Is there any meaning to this song? There is no meaning to this song" in them.

Songs in the series:
  1. Benzene
  2. Nitrobenzene
  3. Paradichlorobenzene
  4. Antichlorobenzene
  5. Toluene

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