Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Story of Evil

The Story of Evil (悪ノ物語, Aku no Monogatari) is a series a 5 songs created by mothy or Akuno-P. The entire Story of Evil series is part of the Seven Deadly Sins series for Pride.

When mothy uploaded "Daughter of Evil" it did not gain any attention. It became popular after a few weeks when the second song "Servant of Evil" was uploaded.

A month after that, "Regret Message" was uploaded followed by "Re_Birthday". Up until now, "Re_Birthday" was debated among the fans if they are in the series or not although it is officially in the "Clockwork Lullaby" series. If "Re_Birthday" is taken in direct canon, it tells the story about the servant finding a way to revive himself. The fourth song "Daughter of White" was uploaded and was accepted by many fans.

A Theater Play event, based on the songs and the story written by mothy on his blog, was shown in Japan during the month of January. An extra song, "Twiright Prank" was used in the play as the fifth song in the series. It was sung by Asami Shimoda. "Twiright Prank" by Rin and Len was later uploaded by mothy on his Nico account. Chronologically, Twiright Prank came first before the entire series because it tells the tale when Rin and Len were little.

Songs in the series:
  1. Twiright Prank
  2. Daughter of Evil
  3. Servant of Evil
  4. Regret Message
  5. Daughter of White

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