Saturday, February 19, 2011

Night Series

The Night series is currently made up of 11 songs created by samfree. These songs are not connection to each other in any way but shares a similar tune. (Electric dance/Eurobeat) There's also this unknown man's voice in the background shouting "Whoo!" "FIRE!" "GO!" and so on. The title of the songs are also repeatedly sung throughout the song.

The 5th song added to the series, "Nana Nana★Fever Miracle Tonight" is sung by an UTAUloid, Mitani Nana (実谷ナナ). This is the first and only song samfree has made using UTAU. Some people even criticized that this song is not good enough to be in the series.

The 6th song added to the series, "Niku Niku★Takagix Night" was released on the CD "Plustellia" on 15th August 2010. The song is sung by Luka and Takagix is one of samfree's friends.

The 9th song added to the series, "Miku Miku☆Summer Night Fantasy" was first revealed on samfree's album "Crime". samfree did not upload it to Nico Nico Douga.

The 12th song, "Teto Teto☆in the Wonder Night" sung by the most famous UTAUloid, Kasane Teto was released on an UTAU specific CD, "0401-The Best Days of 重音テト" (Kasane Teto).

Songs in the series:
  1. Luka Luka★Night Fever
  2. Taku Luka★Maguro Fever
  3. Megu Megu☆Fire Endless Night
  4. Miki Miki★Romantic Night
  5. Nana Nana★Fever Miracle Tonight
  6. Niku Niku★Takagix Night
  7. Lily Lily★Burning Night
  8. Neko Neko☆Super Fever Night
  9. Piko Piko☆Legend Of The Night
  10. Miku Miku☆Summer Night Fantasy
  11. IA IA★Night of Desire
  12. Teto Teto☆in the Wonder Night


  1. I'm not trying to act rude or mean or anything,but how accurate is this list? I mean I do believe all of these are Night series,but are there any new ones? I mean,do you update this list ever?

    1. I believe I added IA Night of Desire a few days after it was uploaded by samfree. There hasn't been a Night song since then or better yet, he hasn't made anything since then. Is there even anything to update at the moment?

  2. Is Shota Shota Burning Night in the Night series? Or is it just a remake of Lily's vers.?

    1. It's a fan made song for Len, samfree didn't make it so I guess it's not in the series.