Wednesday, August 10, 2011


[Release date] - 16/8/2009
[Circle] - m.m.m.
[Main Producers] - Miwa Shirow, ryo
[Producers involved] - Yuuyu-P, kz, Dios, baker, 40mP, kiichi, DECO*27, Ringo

This CD was made to commemorate the 9 senior producers that have been here since Hatsune Miku began. The songs in this CD are remixed versions of "Love is War" by the 9 producers.

Track List
  1. Love is War 1M MIX by ryo(livetune)
  2. Love is War R184mm remix by Yuuyu-P
  3. Love is War future retro remix by kz(livetune)
  4. Love is War SignaRemix by Dios
  5. Love is War NTMG MIX by baker
  6. Love is War 40m MIX by 40mP
  7. Love is War Love is Fantasy mix by kiichi
  8. Love is War Koi wa Sen mix by DECO*27
  9. Love is War agressif mix by Ringo

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