Monday, August 1, 2011

CD - Unhappy Refrain

[Title] - Unhappy Refrain / アンハッピーリフレイン
[Release date] - 18/5/2011
[Label] - BALLOOM
[Main Producer] - wowaka
[Producers Involved] - CaptainMirai, acane_madder, Toku-P, whoo, Dixie Flatline

wowaka's 4th album and his first full album with a lot of remastering done by John Davis (Metropolis Studio, LONDON UK) making some of his previous songs sound a whole lot better! This album comes with 2 discs. Disc 1 is the main disc introducing 3 new songs. Disc 2 is filled with remixes of his previous songs by other producers.

Crossfade by wowaka

Nico Nico Douga -

Track List

Disc 1
  1. Unhappy Refrain - NEW
  2. Rolling Girl
  3. Doll of Building Blocks
  4. My Talent
  5. A Usual Life and the Earth's Frame - NEW
  6. Tenohira
  7. Standing in Your Way
  8. Line Art
  9. Two-Faced Lovers
  10. In the Grey Zone.
  11. Out of Step
  12. Reversible Doll
  13. World's End Dancehall
  14. Prism Cube - NEW
Disc 2
  1. Two-Faced Lovers reverse Edge remix by CaptainMirai
    YouTube -
    Nico Nico Douga -
  2. Standing in Your Way remix by acane_madder
  3. Rolling Girl - remix by acane_madder
    YouTube -
    Nico Nico Douga -
  4. My Talent remix by Toku-P, feat. pagodes
  5. Doll of Building Blocks remix by Toku-P, feat. pagodes
  6. Out of Step remix by whoo
  7. World's End Dancehall remix by Dixie Flatline


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