Thursday, September 29, 2011

CD - 39+1m

[Title] - 39+1m
[Release date] - 17/5/2009
[Circle] - 40mP
[Main Producer] - 40mP
[Producers Involved] - DECO*27

40mP's first Album CD released! This CD was released on the same day as DECO*27's "-so i-" CD. In this CD, both of them worked on "Scrap&Build" together and calls themselves DECO*40meters.

DECO*27 made a song titled "Kakurenbo" in his "No You, No Me" CD as some sort of a tribute to this 40mP's "Wasurenbo".

  1. Rainbow-Colored Notes - NEW
  2. Melody in the sky
  4. Sunflower / 40mP - NEW
  5. -wasurenbo- - NEW
  6. Gigantic Girl - NEW
  7. Closed Blue
  8. Scrap&Build (feat.DECO*27) - NEW
  9. Spring
  10. Melody in the sky (acoustic version)

_________________________________________LIFE SIZE NOTE -40mP- - 2nd CD

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