Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miriam - Uncertain Feelings

Uncertain Feelings

[Lyrics] - Puffihn
[Composer] - Puffihn
[Arrangement] - Puffihn
[Upload date] - 9/6/2012

Yeah it's been a while since we had some songs from Puffihn. According to Puffihn, she worked together with Sasukeninjagal(someone from Youtube) who gave her the melody and concept while Puffihn herself made the lyrics. Unfortunately Sasukeninjagal lost her drafts and was about to abandon the project. Puffihn later reconstructed the whole song from scratch from the music in her own style from what she could remember.

YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjzZzro04to


Sometimes I rest at the shoreside
Watching the place earth and sea collide
Old thoughts unfurl from my head resting in my hand

It's been a while since you've drifted by
I wonder how such quiet tide
could leave behind such puzzling patterns in the sand

I ask the breeze to bring a message to you
My heart in fog, nothing carries through
My words like sand are falling out through my fingers

I'm sleepy from all this emotion
Bottled inside I'm raging ocean
I'll catch a smile but the dizziness always lingers

And I cannot anchor down this reeling
uncertainty I'm feeling
I'm twirling in the blue
and swimming towards the sun
but my heart keeps pretending
beginnings and the endings
all flow to you

I wake at night
My heart's racing
Is it you or relief from you that I'm chasing?
My arms reach out but the lost at sea still cry on

Searching for clues
Wading upstream
It feels like I'm in a childish dream
I'm running but you're always on the horizon

I can't take this feeling that you're giving
This mystery I'm living
Still blinded from one glance

So should I take this dream
and make it last forever?
Or changing like the weather,
just let the compass dance

And I cannot anchor down this reeling
uncertainty I'm feeling
This twirling in the blue

I'm swimming towards your sun
To keep my heart pretending
Beginnings and the endings
All flow to you

Flow to you

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