What is this blog about? As you can see, this blog compiles all your favorite vocaloid songs in the ever expanding universe of vocaloid. (It might take me some time to add all of them)

Search for the song of choice either by using the search box or visit the blog's "Song Lists" page to see the list of songs the blog has by each vocaloid. Go to the “Producers” page to see the list of producers this blog has and click on them to see their profile and works. Check out the “Series” page to look at the sequence of each song. 

The recently added “CDs” page will list Vocaloid singles or albums available in the blog. It's still new! Note: I will only post the lyrics to the exclusive songs in their CDs. You'll have to go buy the CD to listen to the song. Exclusive songs will not be added to the Vocaloid song lists and to the Song Counter.
Anything wrong with the blog? Missing songs, producer, lyrics, CDs or is there any wrong information? (I hope not) But if there is, feel free to drop a comment in the "Anything Wrong?" page. Your help will be much appreciated.

And one more thing, I would like to say that I do not own any of the lyrics, songs or the vocaloids in this blog. All credit goes to the song creators, vocaloid creators, ect. I'll just help them spread their work.

Thank you for taking your time reading this page and I hope you continue listening to more Vocaloid songs out there! YVSDB is here to help!