VOCALO Revolution

VOCALO Revolution or Vocarevo (in short) is a TV program that aired in Japan. The TV program is to help promote the ever growing Vocaloid culture. In the program, they interview famous Vocaloid Producers like 40mP and Dios. Other people like DANCEROID have been invited as well. It's first airing was in January 2011 which was then recorded and sold on DVD. It has been planned to air more episodes on TV as there is a growing fanbase for the program and there are many more Producers who wants to use CUL in their PVs.

They also have they're own Nico Nico Douga Channel where they upload videos about interviews, PVs and such. They also go LIVE ON AIR every Thursday at 21:00~ JST. If you have a Nico Account, you can show your support by watching it! Go here - http://ch.nicovideo.jp/channel/ch1224

VOCALO Revolution was created by the executive committees of 10 different companies. In Vocarevo itself, there are a few members to keep it going. One of them is Hiroto-P which happens to be the creator/designer of CUL, the mascot for VOCALO Revolution.

CUL (Short for Culnoza), the mascot for VOCALO Revolution was created/designed by Hiroto-P and Lat (The famous MMD Model creator who created Miku Lat Ver.) CUL's voice was originally synthesized by using Vocaloid VY1. She IS NOW a real Vocaloid3 waiting for you to purchase! :D. Eri Kitamura (喜多村 英梨) will be CUL's voice provider and INTERNET Co will be the publisher. By the way, the dog's name is Ru Chia (るちあ)

A second character has also been designed after the success of CUL. REV is using Vocaloid VY2 as he's voice. REV is designed by Hiroto-P and another famous MMD Model creator, Kio.

To promote what they're doing, VOCALO Revolution has also collaborated with many existing companies such as CECIL McBEE. "VOCALO Revolution x CECIL McBEE" making school line of clothing wearing headphones. A DVD of "MUSIC x FASHION x DANCE" was also released.

In other words, VOCALO Revolution has been formed to spread the word about Vocaloid throughout Japan and maybe the world. I hope this article has given you an idea of what Vocarevo is all about I hope you give them your full support! I will also be spreading the word, especially to the English Vocaloid Community. Your Vocaloid Song Database fully supports VOCALO Revolution!

Official website - http://vocarevo.com/
Twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23vocarevo